NetApp ONTAP 9.8

Object storage enhancements
  • S3 object storage support
Data protection enhancements
  • Data at rest encryption by default
  • SnapMirror Synchronous enhancements
File access protocol enhancements
  • Keytab files for SVM authentication with Active Directory (AD) servers
  • Encryption and signing performance improvements
Hardware support updates
  • Hot-adding 12Gb SAS shelves to 6Gb SAS storage stacks
  • FAS8300
  • FAS8700
  • AFF A400
  • ASA AFF A220
  • ASA AFF A700
Manageability enhancements
  • ONTAP System Manager is the next generation in ONTAP simplicity
MetroCluster configuration enhancements
  • MetroCluster FC configuration platform support
  • ONTAP Mediator is supported in MetroCluster IP configurations
  • FabricPool mirrors on MetroCluster configurations
  • MetroCluster compliant switches
  • AFF A320 platform is supported on Broadcom switches
Networking and security protocol enhancements
  • Caching for NIS netgroup-by-host searches
SAN enhancements
  • Symmetric Active-Active host access
  • Support for large I/O
Storage resource management enhancements
  • Throughput flooring enhancements
  • FlexVol volumes limit
  • FlexCache volumes enhancements
  • FlexGroup volumes enhancements
  • QoS floors
  • FabricPool mirror
  • FabricPool mirrors on MetroCluster configurations
  • Non transparent HTTP and HTTPS proxy
Transition enhancements
  • 7-Mode Transition Tool
  • Transition data protection relationships
Upgrade enhancements
  • Upgrade from ONTAP 9.3 directly to 9.7